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Ankhegs are giant burrowing insects that can grow as long as nine feet. They usually hunt along by burrowing undergrown and waiting for unsuspecting prey to walk overhead before bursting from the earth and attacking with fangs dripping with acid. This usually catches its quarry by surprise. When threatened, ankhegs will spray acid from glands in its mouth in an attempt to blind its attackers before fleeing underground.

First Encounter

SM 1 Dire Animal

Reaction Modifier -3
Basic Speed 6.00
Morale 12

Vision 12
Hearing 12
Smell 12

Traits Discriminatory Smell; Night Vision 9; Nondiscriminatory Vision; Peripheral Vision; Precise Hearing; Subsonic Hearing (Melee Attack, C).


HP 19
FP 12
DR 5
Dodge 10
Parry –
Block –

Resistances Animal Control (+3); Knockdown (+3).

Traits Combat Reflexes; Extra Legs (Six Legs); Nictitating Membrane 5.


Ground Move 6
Burrow Move 3

Bite (14) 2d+1 impaling. Reach C.
Acid Spit (14) 3d corrosion. Cone, 10 yd. by 1 yd. Emanation.
Kick (12) 2d+1 crushing. Reach C-1.
Grapple (14) 2d-1 control points. Reach C, 1.
Lying in Wait (12) An ankheg can burrow just beneath the surface and lie undetected from above. It can detect footfalls of those on the surface via Subsonic Hearing (12), and will wait until its prey is directly overhead to attack. This counts as an ambush and may surprise adventurers if it is used to open combat. If used after combat begins, anyone who cannot detect the buried ankheg are automatically at -2 to defend against the first attack; those who can may roll against Per at -5 to avoid this penalty.
Didn’t See You There! Anytime an ankheg realigns its body with its head, and SM 0 or smaller creatures in the way are shoved. They may defend normally. Success means they duck or dodge around the ankheg, but failure moves them with the ankheg however far is necessary for the realignment to take place. If this results in him getting knocked down, he must Dodge at -3 to avoid also being trampled for 1d-2 crushing damage as large area injury!


ST 20
DX 12
HT 12
IQ 2
Per 12
Will 11

Traits Horizontal; No Empathy; No Fine Manipulators; Wild Animal.
Skills Brawling-14; Innate Attack-14; Intimidation-12; Wrestling-14.

The acid glands of an ankheg usually yield enough acid for 1d  acid grenades ($10 each). Too stupid to negotiate.

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