Friday, November 2, 2018

Starfall Progress Report

I was checking my to-do list today and realized I don't have that much more that's absolutely necessary to begin playing in a Starfall game. Sure, I have a lot of work for the megadungeon, still, but once I wrap up the deities, I'll have all the building blocks for players to start making characters. That has me pretty happy, since that means I don't technically have to wait to begin playing, even though I will.

That said, there are still some outstanding items that would definitely help with character creation. I can always use more power-ups, and I do still need to put together a couple of templates to serve as guidance. I should also reread the existing magic spells to try to spot problem children ahead of time. I'll likely rely somewhat on Peter's work, here, since he's got nearly a decade playtesting GURPS Magic. I should also look into the various house rules floating around to see if any would enhance the game. I know Fantastic Dungeon Grappling (Hall of Judgement, p. 62-64) is on that list.

As for the rest of the stuff on the To-Do list, there's the entire megadungeon save the two areas I currently have mapped. I need three more areas mapped before I can be sure the players can't slip around behind what I've got done. I also need to make more monsters as I stock room. Oh, and all the encounter tables still outstanding. So there's enough to keep me busy, still, but it's coming along nicely. Hopefully the next progress report will see all of the player-facing stuff done, and just mapping and monsters to go.

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