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Guilds of Alnwich: Eklund Clan

The Eklund Clan

Rank: Rank 0 to 3.
In Charge: Kari (Cleric of Yaunävä).
In the Ranks: Agents, archers, initiates, native guides, skirmishers, and non-adventuring people.
On the Payroll: Laborers, servants, and non-adventuring people.
Influencing the AR: Savoir-Faire (High Society).

The Eklund Clan is one the oldest families in Alnwich, and they proudly trace their ancestory back to the Skidafolk who populated the area before Usk rule. They have made their living from time immemorial hunting, trapping, and trading in meats, leathers, and furs. Since the fur boom, the Eklunds, who were never especially poor, have come into a tremendous amount of wealth selling their wares to the RMS and providing guides and transport services in the wilderlands.

While the Eklunds have the largest share of the raw pelt market of any single organization, they still have their competitors: the Holts, the newcomer Dahlgaards, and the other smaller companies. It’s hard to tell who the Eklunds dislike more, though. They see the Dahlgaards as outsiders trying to take what rightly belongs to Alnwich, and they have been in a cold feud with the Holts for two generations over a wedding that fell through. They generally don’t see the smaller companies as a threat to their business, though.

What the Eklund Clan Wants

More than anything, the Eklunds want to cement their position as ancient aristocracy in Alnwich. They often claim to have been in the Trollenmere before the mountains rose from the earth and will be there long after they are ground to dust by the winter winds. And they want their due respect and riches. The latter is being provided by the RMS, even if they look on the Eklunds as backwoods bumpkins. This often causes friction, but both sides know the riches lie in their partnership.

In fact, the Eklunds hold a general disdain for anyone who cannot trace their lineage to the Skidafolk. Those who have had permanent roots in Alnwich for generations are regarded as acceptable, but of lower pedigree than natives. Newcomers, however, are held in contempt, at best, and aren’t seen again, at worst. The best thing a newcomer to Alnwich can do is steer clear of the Eklunds, and if they happen upon them, show respect above all else. They were in Alnwich first, and they aren’t going anywhere soon.

What the Eklund Clan Can Provide

The Eklund Clan can provide training in Animal Handling (Dogs) (IQ/A), Area Knowledge (Dunweald or the Trollenmere Region) (IQ/A), Camouflage (IQ/E), Climbing (DX/A), Hiking (HT/A), History (Trollenmere) (IQ/H), Naturalist (IQ/H), Navigation (Land) (IQ/A), Skiing (HT/H), Survival (Woodlands) (Per/A), Teamster (Dogs) (IQ/A), Tracking (Per/A), Traps (IQ/A), and Weather Sense (Per/A). They can also teach fluency and literacy in Skidisk.

Additionally, the Eklunds can provide animal traps, climbing gear, dogs, leather, rope, salted or smoked meats, skis, and sledges.
  • Accomodations. The clan owns a large house on the edge of the farmlands beyond the town wall and near the woods where they can usually find space for people to sleep.
  • Backup. The Eklunds are fierce defenders of their own – something that has led to feuds in the past. They can also provide guides and hunters.
  • Lore. The Eklunds’ deep knowledge of hunting, trapping, and the lands about the Trollenmere give access Area Knowledge (Trollenmere)-15; History (Trollenmere)-15; Naturalist-15; Pharmacy (Herbal)-15; and Veterinary-15 on a successful AR roll, made at +4.
  • New Gear. The Eklund Clan gives double the normal professional discounts on traps, leather, rope, skis, sledges, and cured meet-based rations, to a maximum of 80% off, and the AR is at +4.
  • Provisions. The Eklund Clan always has cured meats and wild berries in their stores. +2 to AR.
  • Replacement. Replacement gear produced by the clan is at the above discount.
  • Transportation. The Eklund Clan can provide guides with Navigation (Land)-15 and Survival (Woodlands)-15 to any destination near Alnwich. The AR is at -1 per week past the first in travel time.

Other ARs are at -3 or worse.

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