Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Mapping Update

I just finished mapping another level. These keep ending up pretty massive, so I think players will have plenty to do regardless of where they enter the dungeon. Pretty soon, I'll be starting in on the last easily accessed entrance, so I'm kind of pleased with that. I figure once that one is finished, it'll be time to make a serious go at getting these maps completely stocked, detailed, and ready for play. That way, I can start at any time.

Of course, being 100% ready for play will still require a lot of monsters to be statted, a few more random encounter tables, finishing up my Town guilds and organizations, and wrapping up the gods. So still lots to do, but getting closer to playability. Barring life eating me, I should still be on track to have a playable game ready to go by summer, with a ton of mapping already complete. Overall, I'm pleased with progress.

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