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These heavily armored nightmares combine the most horrid characteristics of wolverines, sharks, and armadillos. They burrow through the earth hunting anything the sheep-size or larger underground or above ground. When stalking terrestrial prey, a bulette will burrow beneath its prey and then burst through the earth beneath its feet with maw gaping. This almost always catches its prey by surprise. Fortunately, however, bulettes are solitary creatures and generally hunt alone.

First Encounter

SM 2 Dire Animal

Reaction Modifier -3
Basic Speed 6.25
Morale 12

Vision 12
Hearing 14
Smell 18

Traits Discriminatory Smell; Night Vision 9; Nondiscriminatory Vision; Subsonic Hearing (Long Range).


HP 35
FP 12
DR 7
Dodge 10
Parry –
Block –

Damage Reduction All physical injury is halved.
Resistances Animal Control (+3); Knockdown (+3).
Weaknesses Bad Temper (12); Bloodlust (12); Overconfident (12); Uncontrollable Appetite (15).

Traits Combat Reflexes; Extra Legs (Four Legs); Indomitable; Nictitating Membrane 7; Unfazeable.


Ground Move 5
Burrow Move 5

Attack from Below (13) 2d+3 cutting. Reach C. Target must roll against Per at -4 to defend; only allowable defense is Dodge.
Bite (15) 2d+3 cutting. Reach C. Bites initiate a grapple on hit.
Grapple (13) 2d+2 control points. Reach C.
Leap Bulettes can jump surprising distances – up to 7 yards. They often use this to knock down smaller opponents. Treat this as a pounce.
Trample (15) 2d+2 crushing. Only affects prone SM 1 targets or any target of SM 0 smaller. Counts as large area attack (p. B400) against SM -1 targets.
Didn’t See You There! Anytime the bulette realigns its body with its head, any SM 1 or smaller creatures in the way are shoved. They may defend normally. Success means they duck or dodge around the bulette, but failure moves them with the bulette however far is necessary for the realignment to take place. If this results in him getting knocked down, he must Dodge at -3 to avoid also being trampled for 1d-1 crushing damage as large area injury!

Traits Extra Attack (Only after a Slam).
Features Born Biter 2.


ST 25
DX 13
HT 12
IQ 4
Per 12
Will 10

Traits Horizontal; No Fine Manipulators; Wild Animal.
Skills Brawling-15; Intimidation-11; Jumping-14.

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