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The Gods of Alnwich: Jürä


of the Ages, the Deep One, the Time Lord

Greater Deity
Spheres of Influence: Boating, Confusion, Fog, Time, the Trollenmere, Water.
Symbols: Cup, Egg, Gray, Hour Glass, Pike, Twilight, Water, Wheel of Time.
Favored Weapon: Staff.
Relationships: Married to Ziluma and father of the Vi­łni.

Jürä is the timeless god of the Trollenmere and lord of all waters in the region. He commands all that happens in and on the water, everything that lives in the water, and the weather above the lake. Within his domain, none can oppose him. He is the viciousness of a sudden storm and the smashing waves; the father of sea monsters, and the husband of the Deep. His wife, Ziluma, whose symbol is a circular net, is the Queen of the Deep and receives the souls of those who drown to death. Their children are the Viłni – the multitudes of waves and horrific lake creatures that plague fishermen and coastal homesteads around the Trollenmere.

Jürä’s waters existed from the beginning and will flow until the end, giving him mastery over time itself. Much as the waters of the lake give life in the fish and drink they provide, all while claiming the lives of countless fishermen and sailor, so too does Jürä’s wheel of time heal old wounds while slowly grinding souls and mountains to dust. His memory spans eons, giving him the wisdom of ages and vision through the mists of time, but he does not see the future. He simply steers the flow and peers into its depths.

Jürä most often appears as an old man in a gray robe holding a staff but rarely makes a personal appearance anywhere. He is stern, unrelenting, vengeful, and destructive, but also honest, steadfast, and trustworthy.


Like most of the gods, Jürä is not clearly Good or Evil; he is a force of nature. While he prefers people like himself – those with Honest, Truthfulness, Sense of Duty (Coreligionists), or Vow (“Redress witnessed wrongs”) – he is just as likely to patronize someone who regularly prays, makes sacrifices, and observes the many small rituals that bring him honor and glory – Disciplines of Faith (Ritualism or Mysticism). Like so many of his ilk, Jürä is also partial to the occasional blood sacrifice, usually a fish – Trademark.

Divine Servitors

Naturally, divine servitors of Jürä always have the Water element, but they often have Nature, as well. Those that embody the confusion or fog aspect of Jürä have Chaos, and those who represent his command over time have the Wisdom of ages. Finally, Jürä’s servitors have, on occasion, Travel, and are responsible for guiding the devout to shore before bad weather envelops the Trollenmere. And while they rarely have the Winged lens, they do have the Natural lens with significant regularity.


Jürä’s shrines usually appear near docks or the coast and include a consecrated alter overlooking the water. Their entrances, if they are so elaborate as to have their own grounds, always incorporate a fountain and catch basin where devotees can drink in his divinity. On the Feast of the Pike – celebrated on the full moon of the thirteenth moon – fish are cleaned on the alter and roasted over open fires on the lake’s shore as a sacrifice to ensure Jürä brings another year at the month’s end.


Priests of Jürä should generally be built using the Initiate template with the following modifications:

Advantages: Remove Channeling, Green Thumb, Licensed Exorcist, Medium, Spirit Badge, Spirit Empathy, Spirit Weapon from the list of optional advantages and add Absolute Timing [2], Resistant to Seasickness (+3) or (+8) [1 or 2] or Immunity to Seasickness [5], and Spirit Empathy (Specialized, Water Spirits, -50%) [5].
Disadvantages: Add a required -10 points in any of the disadvantages listed under Morals, above and reduce the -30 points in disadvantages to -20.
Skills: Remove Herb Lore, Hidden Lore (Faeries), and Naturalist from the list of optional primary skills and add Boating (Sailboat or Unpowered) (A) DX [2]-11; Seamanship (E) IQ+1 [2]-14; Survival (Island/Beach) (A) Per [2]-13; and Swimming (E) HT+1 [2]-12 to the list of optional primary skills. • Remove Flail from the melee weapon options. • Remove Blowpipe, Bolas, Lasso, and Thrown Weapon (Stick) from the ranged weapon options and add Thrown Weapon (Harpoon) (E) DX+1 [2]-12. • Remove Hiking, Navigation (Land), Riding, Survival (any), and Teamster from the list of optional background skills and add Area Knowledge (Trollenmere) (E) IQ [1]-13; Boating (Sailboat or Unpowered) (A) DX-1 [1]-10; Breath Control (H) HT-2 [1]-9; Naturalist (H) IQ-2 [1]-11; Navigation (Sea) (A) IQ-1 [1]-12; Seamanship (E) IQ [1]-13; Survival (Island/Beach) (A) Per-1 [1]-12; Swimming (E) HT [1]-11; and Weather Sense (A) IQ-1 [1]-12.
Special Abilities and Spells: Choose the following 25-point package:
Cleric of Jürä: Either Power Investiture 2 [20] or Divine Favor 5 [20]. • Choose [-10] points from disadvantages mentioned in Morality, above. • 15 points total in any combination of Power Investiture 3 [10], Divine Favor 6 or 7 [5 or 15], Learned Prayers, or clerical spells.

Holy Warriors

Holy warriors of Jürä are usually built using the Squire template with the following modifications:

Advantages: Add Absolute Timing [2], Divine Favor 4, 5, or 6 [10, 15, or 20], Naval Training [1], Resistant to Seasickness (+3) or (+8) [1 or 2] or Immunity to Seasickness [5], and “or Learned Prayers” to the list of optional advantages.
Disadvantages: Add a required -10 points in any of the disadvantages listed under Morals, above and reduce first -20 points disadvantages to -10.
Skills: Remove Flail, Polearm, and Two-Handed Flail from all of the optional melee skill packages. • Replace Connoisseur with Swimming (E) HT+1 [2]-13. • Add Thrown Weapon (Harpoon) (E) DX+1 [2]-14 and Net (H) DX-1 [2]-12 to the list of ranged weapon skills available. • Remove Hiking, Riding, and Survival (any) from the optional background skills and add Boating (Sailboat or Unpowered) (A) DX-1 [1]-12; Breath Control (H) HT-2 [1]-10; Fishing (E) Per [1]-10; Naturalist (H) IQ-2 [1]-8; Navigation (Sea) (A) IQ-1 [1]-9; Shiphandling (Ship) (H) IQ-2 [1]-8; Survival (Island/Beach) (A) Per-1 [1]-9; and Weather Sense (A) IQ-1 [1]-9.

Cleric Spells

Clerics of Jürä have the following spells available:

PI 1 Breathe Water, Detect Magic, Fear, Lend Energy, Purify Water, Recover Energy, Resist Pressure, Seek Coastline, Seek Water, Sense Life, Sense Spirit, Share Vitality.

PI 2 Shape Water (Required), Aura, Awaken, Breathe Air, Create Water, Daze, Disorient, Extinguish Fire, Find Direction, History, Know Location, Lend Vitality, Minor Healing, Panic, Predict Weather, Purify Food, Resist Disease, Shield, Summon Spirit, Swim, Turn Spirit, Vigor, Water Vision, Waves.

PI 3 Current (Required), (Animal) Control, Affect Spirits, Ancient History, Beast Seeker, Command Spirit (any type), Create Food, Detect Poison, Fog, Forgetfulness, Haste, Magic Resistance, Mass Daze, Mental Stun, Might, Relieve Sickness, Repel (Animal), Repel Hybrids, Repel Spirits, Resist Acid, Resist Fire, Resist Poison, Terror, Tide, Walk on Water, Whirlpool.

PI 4 Armor, Beast-Rouser, Beast-Soother, Cure Disease, Dispel Magic, Divination (Lecanomancy), Fireproof, Great Haste, Hide, Madness, Major Healing, Neutralize Poison, Oath, Permanent Forgetfulness, Prehistory, Remove Contagion, Summon Water Elemental, Suspend Curse, Vigil.

PI 5 Astral Vision, Banish, Beast Speech, Bless, Control Water Elemental, Create Spring, Curse, Dispel Possession, Echoes of the Past, Entrap Spirit, Halt Aging, Images of the Past, Relieve Paralysis, Remove Curse, Scents of the Past, Water Jet, Wind.

PI 6 Beast Summoning, Bind Spirit (any type), Create Animal, Great Healing, Pentagram, Planar Summons (Divine Servitor), Regeneration, Resurrection, Ruin, Sanctuary, Stop Paralysis, Storm, Youth.

Divine Favor

Jürä hears prayers related to water and time, as well as the usual general prayers. He grants learned prayers, in addition to the standard general set mostly based on the following advantages.

Abilities Absolute Timing; Affliction, with Coughing or Suffocation; Allies (Aquatic animals), with Summonable; Altered Time Rate; Alternate Form (Body of Water); Amphibious; Animal Empathy, with Specific, All aquatic animals (-40%); Control (Lake), with Natural Phenomena; Control (Water); Create (Water); Damage Resistance, with Limited, Fire or Water (both -40%); Danger Sense; Detect (Water or Temporal Anomalies); Doesn’t Breathe, with Gills; Enhanced Move (Water); Enhanced Time Sense; Fatigue Attack, with Dehydration; Obscure (Divination); Obscure (Vision) if justifiable as fog; Pressure Support; Psychometry; Resistance or Immunity to Aging; Sealed; Slippery; Speak Underwater; Speak with Animals, with Specific, All aquatic animals (-40%); Temperature Control, with Cold; Terror (Confusion); Vibration Sense (Water); Walk on Air, with Specific, Fog (-40%); and Walk on Liquid, with Specific, Water (-10%).

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